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Corporate welfare to Ford

Ironically it’s Doug Ford teaming up with Justin Trudeau to give a big handout to Ford Motor Company. https://www.thestar.com/politics/federal/2020/09/20/ottawa-offering-500m-to-bring-electric-vehicle-production-to-fords-oakville-plant.html

Aside from the irony of Ford giving money to Ford - Doug is a “conservative” who’s totally on board with Trudeau policies of corporate welfare. I don’t think we’ll hear Erin O’Toole complaining either. Half a Billion dollars to a huge multinational auto manufacturer that would build the vehicles without government money if it wasn’t available. No federal government money should go to any large corporations. Since we are a federal party, we object to the federal taxpayers contributing to this Ontario project. Saskatchewan taxpayers really don’t want their money being given for an auto plant in Ontario. Especially while our oil industry struggles to even survive. A PPC government would end this huge waste of taxpayers‘ money.

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